Sunday, February 1, 2009

Saturday Morning Run

Amy R. told me it was going to be cold on Saturday but I didn't really pay it any attention until I woke up and looked at the temperature and it said 25 degrees! Luckily it was sunny outside so after a few miles it warmed up enough to be bearable.

We ended up doing about 6 miles although it wasn't a particularly successful run (we walked some towards the end). I guess that's what happens when you skip 2 long runs. I don't plan on skipping anymore so hopefully my future runs will be much better. I'm still contemplating what my running goal is for this year. Part of me wants to do another marathon but another part of me wants to focus on speed and perhaps completing a half-marathon at a significantly faster time than last year. I guess I have a little bit more time to decide but not too much because I don't want the marathon I might choose to fill up before I get the chance to sign-up.

The run ended on a weird note....clearly I watch too many crime dramas.....

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