Thursday, February 5, 2009

It Was a Clear and Cold Night

I went for a run today! I really needed today's run. It has been a hectic and somewhat stressful week and due to weather and laziness I hadn't run all week. I am glad that I decided to run today because it was worth it. It was just Amy R. and I out there running in the dark and cold night. I was concerned it would be too cold but it wasn't, it ended up being a fairly pleasant run. I am happy that it will be warmer this weekend, I have a run and a long bike ride scheduled.

After the run I came home and I made a delicious dinner. I will make sure to post the recipe tomorrow, right now I am tired and need to get some rest.


Paul said...

You did better than me. I ran also but had to force myself out the door and only made it 2 miles.

Evolve Multisport said...

Yay, Tamara! You are going to be sooooooooooo ready for your first tri! I can't wait! Email me what races you are doing. I am planning the tri training session and hoping for it to start the beginning of March! Stay in touch!

Token Black Chick said...

So I have this CRAZY idea that I want to start running. Probably gonna have to give up the cigarettes though... In my future I see a lean, mean running machine. My name will be Black Lightning!