Thursday, July 31, 2008

Run It Off!

Today was WAY better than yesterday. Yesterday I had a case of the "Wednesday Blues" (similar to the Monday Blues but worse), I didn't feel like doing anything. I didn't want to get up, didn't want to go to work, didn't want to do any work, didn't want to bike, didn't want to cook, etc. I did end up cleaning up the apartment for about an hour, I scrubbed extra hard and danced around while I cleaned so I could get away with considering it cross-training.

Today I felt much better. We did about 5.5 miles and it went well. It's hard to imagine that a few weeks ago 5.5 miles would have really worn me out. So, during out run we had a conversation about eating/calories and losing weight. It got me to really annoys me when someone says "oh you run, you can eat whatever you want". Well yeah, I COULD but in theory anyone could eat anything they want, you just run the risk of being mistaken for a beached whale. This is a common problem, people overestimate the amount of calories burned during a workout and underestimate the amount of calories in the food they eat. So yeah, today's workout burned about 570 calories according to my handy Garmin (that thing is great!) You may be thinking, "wow that's great, look how many calories you burned!". Well, let's put this in perspective: A Hardee's little thickburger is 910 calories, add another 300 for an order of fries and what do you have? TOO MANY CALORIES!!!!!!!! And that's without a soda. So yes, I COULD eat what I want (the Hardee's burger and fries) but then I'll never lose this dreaded back fat!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One (wo)Man's Mountain....

Quote of the Day (Courtesy of John)
"The body does not want you to do this. As you run, it tells you to stop but the mind must be strong. You always go too far for your body. You must handle the pain with strategy...It is not age; it is not diet. It is the will to succeed."
- Jacqueline Gareau, 1980 Boston Marathon champ

Today was a hill workout day......a "quick and dirty" workout as Marisa put it. I had mixed feelings before the workout began. I was excited because I actually like doing speed/hill type workouts and I really want to improve on my hill performance. I was not excited because it was hot and muggy and we were doing HILLS!

After a short warm-up around the park we began.....5 times up a steep hill at was it supposed to be 5-10k pace. Well, I haven't actually ran a 5 or 10k in a while so I'm not really sure what my race pace would be but something tells me that it is not as fast as I was running up those hills. As I was racing up the hill I thought to myself - why am I running so fast? I quickly realized the reason, I have a competitive running buddy(Amy). I know she hates to get beat and secretly so do I, it also didn't help that for two of them John was running beside us and I think we were both trying not to let him beat us up the hill. This made for a pretty fast workout but also a great workout! I felt really good afterwards, well after the feeling that I was going to throw-up passed.

I am glad that tomorrow is a cross-training day. I think I'll take my Not Road Bike for a ride, hahaha.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I Want I Want I Want

I promise I won't talk about this any more but I really want a road bike! I am just going to practice something that is really hard for me - patience. I have too many other things to pay for before I can buy a bike. But once that stuff is done, I am getting a bike!!!!!

Today was cross-training day so I rode 6.5 miles around the park. It was great, although when this guy on a road bike flew by me as I was struggling to get up the huge hill on the course it kind of pissed me off! I swear it happens every time I am riding up a hill. I'm beginning to think it is some sort of conspiracy. I took it easy during the ride though, I didn't want to tire myself out since we have a hill workout tomorrow. Whoo hooo.......

Sunday, July 27, 2008

7.7 Miles!

Another long run down and many more to go! It was extremely muggy today....not the best to run in but we made it anyway. You would think getting up at the crack of dawn (OK may it wasn't THAT early but still) would help us avoid these conditions, but no.

I'm just happy I made it and I didn't fall today, hahaha. I only had to walk twice, those 2 hills on the way back were just too much after going so far. I really need this hill workout we are having on Tuesday because currently these hills are kickin my BUTT! At this point I can't even imagine running 26 miles but as Amy pointed out, our next long run is supposed to be 10 miles so that means we are a 1/3 of the way there. Hmm...that seemed so much more encouraging when she said it than it does now that I am typing it.

After the run I looked like I had just gotten out of the swimming pool! My shorts were stuck to me and my hair was soaking wet. This is crazy, I will be happy when it starts to cool off, but enough complaining about the weather. All in all today was a wonderful day. The route was beautiful (I think I've found a new running site) and the company was great. I think I will do some biking tomorrow, I wish I had a brand new road bike like someone else I know....

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Road Rash

Road Rash (noun) : Scrapes, gashes, cuts, and any other similar injuries caused by accidental contact with the road.

Today I went on a short, easy run with my parents. I was only running 3 miles. I felt great! I probably could have done close to 9 minute miles but I kept it around 10 since it is supposed to be a recovery week. Now to the title of my post, Road Rash. I was almost finished with my run, I mean I only had 0.05 miles left to run when it happened......I tripped and fell! Now this isn't really anything new to me because I have definitely fallen while running before and I have the scars to prove it. And this time it actually wasn't that bad of a fall. I didn't hit any bones, didn't pull anything, and didn't even bleed that much. It was just a small scrape on my arm.

The funny thing about it was that I tripped over a speed bump. A SPEED BUMP! I know those things are there to slow you down but damn, I wasn't going that fast, LOL. My husband didn't even believe me when I told him how I fell. Oh well, I guess that's what I get for trying to run, talk AND look at my watch all at the same time! I'm just glad that only my pride was hurt.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Running Buddy!

If you run, you may know the value of a true running buddy. This person is special because they will help motivate you when you want to stop, push you when you want to slow down and keep you entertained when you are bored. You want to show up for runs because you want to run with them and you don't want to feel the guilt of standing them up.

Well, I think I've found my new running buddy! You really get to know someone while running, especially during long runs. I look forward to getting to know my new running buddy. I guess I should tell her about my blog and then I can ask her if I can use her name in it, LOL. I promise I won't put anything really embarrassing about you in it!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Heat Wave

Today was just TOO hot to run. I am so glad that the group decided that it would be dangerous to run outside on the track in almost 100 degree weather. If we had decided to still do it I would have braved the elements but I can't promise that someone wouldn't have had to rush me to the hospital. I just don't do well in the heat!

Instead of running outside we were assigned a treadmill workout. I don't HATE the treadmill I just would much rather run outside but that's okay. I'll take the treadmill in the air conditioning over a hot ass track any day. I did feel kind of silly doing intervals on the treadmill and I KNOW the other people in the gym where wondering what the hell was going on with me. I would speed up, then slow down, then speed up, then slow down. This went on for about 30 minutes, LOL. Oh well, I'm not doing this for anyone but myself so I really don't care if they thought I was crazy or not!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Salem Lake

Sunday was our third long run ( we have 15 more...) and I don't know how I made it through. We ran 6.7 miles at Salem Lake. I have run Salem Lake numerous is a dangerous place to run! Lots of rocks and roots and other things for you to trip over. Luckily no one bit the dust this time but I have definitely seen it happen. We did have one person get lost on the trail but we found them in no time. I still can't quite figure out how they got lost but I DO know someone who literally could get lost in a phonebooth so I guess anything is possible.

I struggled through the run, if it wasn't for my wonderful running partner I think I would have stopped around mile 3. I guess that's what happens when you only get 2 hours of sleep the night before and about 3 the night before that! I will definitely have to make sure to get my rest in on Saturday nights. It also didn't help that it was super muggy outside. The air was really thick making it hard to breathe. I looked like I had been swimming when I finished the run. But I FINISHED!!! Despite the heat, humidity, my weariness....I FINISHED. I'm dedicated to this marathon training and I will not give up. foot is still not 100% but it doesn't bother me when I run so I will continue to ice and stretch it but not be worried about it affecting my training.

I'm so glad today is an OFF day.............

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not 100%

Well my foot still isn't feeling as good as I would like it to but I decided to run today anyway. I missed one workout, I don't want to miss two. Our trainer showed me a different way to tie my shoes to help stabilize my foot so that it won't move around in my shoe while I am running. Great trick!! My foot actually didn't hurt during the run which was wonderful. It was a little too hot for my preference but I still managed to make it through. Oh, and I have completely given up running with the faster group and have officially joined the 10 min/ mile group. I think I made the right decision, this way I won't kill myself and I get to have some interesting conversation while I run.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh No! Not a Pain

After my run on Sunday I came home and showered and settled in on the couch. After about 3 hours of Call of Duty I got up to get a snack and felt this awful pain in my foot. Ah hell, I can't have any injuries popping up to stop my progress. I've had shin splints, tendonitis in my Achellies, heel spurs and all types of strains and sprains but I had never felt a pain quite like this. It hurt on the side of my foot, kind of at the bottom but not all the way underneath.

Since it wasn't any better this morning and it really hurts to walk I made a trip down to the nearby Urgent Care Clinic. They took x-rays and it's not a stress fracture (that would have been disastorous to my training), apparently it is just a case of tendonitis although I've never had tendonitis in this particular location. So I've decided to take a few days off and rest, ice, compress and elevate (RICE) my foot. Hopefully a few days off will take care of this problem because I don't need any set backs in my training.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

2nd Long Run

I wised up half-way through today's long run and decided to run with the slower group. I don't know WHY I was trying to run with the other group in the first place, obviously my mind thinks I'm faster than my body knows I am. So when we made it back to the mid-way point I rested a bit and waited for the other group. I think I will make them my permanent running partners. I actually did a conversational pace, which is what the long runs are supposed to be. At the pace I was trying to run there was no way in hell I was going to be able to carry on a conversation, shoot, I was lucky to be breathing at all.

Today was a good run and we went for bagels afterwards. Food, my downfall....I would be much thinner if it wasn't for my weakness for food. Not to mention I have no willpower. I guess that is the bigger issue. So we go to Brugger's Bagel and what do I order? A cinamonn sugar bagel with strawberry cream chees! WTF was I thinking...I was just going to blow the whole calorie burn from the run in one sitting. I especially felt bad when I saw one of my fellow runners with a whole wheat bagel sandwich with egg and what looked like vegetables. I felt so bad I ended up only eating half of the bagel. Next time we go for bagels I promise I will make a better choice!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Track Star

1st track workout......I actually did better than I expected. We did 4 x 800 meters. An 800 is twice around the track, apparently that isn't common knowledge. I guess since I knew it I just assumed everyone else did. This time I was able to stay with one of the faster people, not the fastEST people but hey, I have to give it some time.

I used to LOVE the 800 when I ran track, especially the 800 relay. I had one of my best track moments during a track meet at a rival high school when I had to run the 1st leg of the 4x800 relay. I started out behind but at the end of that second lap with about 200 meters to go I walked the lead girl down and handed off the baton first! Ah, the good ol' days....

Today I was just glad I didn't have a heart attack since it was hot as heck and I haven't done a track workout in years. But I did finish and I look forward to the next one.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Week Two

One week down and 17 more to go! Oh, didn't I mention this was an 18 week training program? That actually works out great because I am going to do the Raleigh marathon on Nov 2nd. I'm so excited because I've talked about doing a Marathon for the past 2 years and now I am actually putting my money where my mouth is. I did PAY for this training so I would feel like I was wasting money if I didn't go through with it and I hate to waste money!

This week we start alternating hill workouts and track workouts on Tuesdays. I'm looking forward to both because I need to get better at hills and I want to increase my speed. Not to mention I used to love running on the track so this will definitely take my back to my high school days.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Morning Run

During our first running session we decided on the time for our Sunday morning runs. The 1st suggestion was 9:00 am, I'm thinking hell yeah, I can definitely do that. Then people start complaining about how they don't want to waste their Sunday by starting that late to do the run. Someone throws out 6:00 am, I'm thinking hell naw, there is NO way I'm going to be able to get up at 6 in the morning much less run. Finally, we decided to go with 7:00 am, not much better in my opinion but I can work with it.

Today was the first Sunday morning run and it went surprisingly well. I made myself go to bed early instead of staying up all night playing Call of Duty, which is what I usually do on Saturday nights (clearly, I need to get a life). I got up around 6:15 and made it to the park on time. Thankfully, the meeting place is only 5 minutes from my apartment.

Once again, I tried running with the somewhat "faster" group. It turned out pretty well though, even though we did make one wrong turn I didn't pass out and I felt good afterwards. It ended up being a little under 6 miles and I kept it at about a 10:20/mile pace. That's actually a little faster than what I should have been running seeing as it was supposed to be a LSD run. That's Long Slow Distance for all you non-runners, lol. So, it seems as if I will make it through these Sunday runs after all.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Still Trying

Day Two of Training: We are back at the park again and running the same 4.5 mile loop ( I said 4 miles but it turns out according to someone's Garmin that it more like 4.5 miles) Speaking of Garmin's, I gotta get me one of those things! I think I might get one tomorrow actually.

I tried to run with the same group and again got left after the hill. It seems that hills just aren't my thing! Good thing we have hill training coming up, hopefully that will help me conquer those hills. I feel good though and I still think this is a good idea.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day One

Today was the first day meeting my running group. I have to admit I was a little nervous since I didn't know anyone else that was joining the group. I'm a very outgoing person but I still sometimes get shy when meeting new people. Luckily, everyone seems really nice and welcoming. Our trainer is awesome, I say that because she's completed an Ironman and is training for another one. Anyone that can complete an Ironman is amazing in my book. If you don't know, that's a 2 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26 mile run. Yeah I know what you're thinking.....

Today's run was an easy 4 mile run at the park. I was comfortable with the run since I often run at that park anyway. There are about 20 people in the running group and people run at different paces. I wasn't sure who to run with so I started out with two of the women but after going up the first hill of the run I realized that I clearly should be running with a slower group!
So I ended up finishing the run by myself but it was okay because there was a group of people waiting to cheer me on at the end. It was very encouraging, I think I'm going to like this...