Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wet Pilates

Well I didn't ACTUALLY do Pilates wet but I did go swimming right before my Pilates class which probably wasn't the best idea. We had a new instructor and she worked us! I had a long day at work and then a long workout after work so I am beat.

I was very pleased with my swim though. I did 3 x 250 meters and each of the 250 meters took me 5:20 (almost exactly) so that means I'm pretty sure I could do 750 in under 20 minutes. I'm still working on what my goal time should be.

I need to get in a good workout this week though since I'm going to be in Switzerland all next week. I am going to look up the hotel I am staying in to see if it has a gym, not that I'll have that much time to actually do a workout.

I didn't really think this post out and my eyes are getting heavy so that's it folks!