Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Perfect Week

I was thinking today while I was in Pilates class (which by the way was both challenging and great - I shouldn't take off a week again), what would a perfect week of exercise entail? I thought of various scenarios and decided that if I was going to detail the PERFECT week then I might as well do on that assumes that I don't actually have other stuff to do in my life like work. It might be feasible for me to do a slight variation of this workout except for the fact that I'm really NOT a morning person so getting in the morning to workout before going to work isn't a viable option. I'm not putting in actual distances because that would vary and plus I didn't think about it THAT much, I mean I was supposed to be concentrating on my breathing.

Anyway...I is the point of my post, my perfect workout week.

Monday: morning swim (drills), afternoon bike(short), evening Pilates
Tuesday: morning swim(short), afternoon run(speed or hills)
Wednesday: morning bike(med), evening Pilates
Thursday: morning swim(med-long), afternoon run (short-med)
Friday: afternoon Pilates(easy)
Saturday: morning run (long)
Sunday:afternoon bike(long)

Hmmm......just typing that out made me tired. Yeah, that would pretty much only be feasible if I didn't have to work at all because I would need to sleep in between the workouts, LOL.

What would your perfect [workout] week look like?

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Sarah said...

Hmmm...right now it is still cold and snowy where I live. So I would have to say alternating days between running and biking in beautiful, sunny weather.