Friday, February 27, 2009

Uh Oh

My throat started hurting when I woke hurt during is still hurting.

I drank a lot of tea today in hopes that it would soothe my hasn't. I'm currently drinking some orange juice, hopefully that will help.

I really hope that this gets better and not worse. I'm nervous because half of the office has been sick and coughing all over the place so who knows what kind of germs I have been exposed to all week long.

I have running to do! Not to mention I really REALLY planned on cleaning out my closet this weekend and I know that isn't going to happen if I wake up in the morning feeling even worse.


Sarah said...

Oh no! Hope you are feeling better soon! My daughter brought home a cold and cough which went around our house...luckily it was fairly short-lived. Hope you feel better in the morning. :)

Paul said...

I have caught it also. Not fun!

Token Black Chick said...

Go get some Airborne ASAP!!!