Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stress Sucks!!!

Stress sucks.....stress at work, stress at home, people stressing you out etc, it all sucks! But what is worse is a stress fracture. Unfortunately one of my running buddies (Kay) is suffering from this terrible injury :( I am sad to lose a great running partner and I hope you take care of yourself so you can get well soon!

Today was speed work on the track: We warmed up and then did 1x1600 (a mile) and then 4x400 with a 200 meter break in between each 400. Since my other running buddy (Amy) is playing hooky this week and was probably somewhere laying on the beach drinking a six pack, Pam was nice enough to run with me. She is so sweet, she said "I guess I'll try to be Amy today". It was nice having someone to run with but if you are going to pretend to be Amy you will have to complain more!

Running with Pam definitely pushed me today - I did my mile in 8:02 and the 400s were all right under 2 minutes!!! Our target was a 5k pace....we'll see if I can keep that pace up for 3 miles (somehow I'm doubting that will happen). It is important to note that very little talking took place during today's run so perhaps we CAN run faster if we don't talk as much. Today's run was very encouraging. Oh and don't worry Amy, I'd much rather talk than run fast!


Kay said...

Stress does suck....I think in my case the mental stress is going get the better of me. My bone will heal quickly if I follow the doctor's orders but keeping motivated is another whole issue. Believe it or not I WANTED to torture myself by running in the heat. I decided to go to my own pitty party last night and regroup. Since I know running is out for a few weeks I am going to ride the bike at the gym. So yes my friends, I will be working hard wishing I could be with you running. Great work last night!!!!!

runrgrl2007 said...

OK you can't make fun of your friends while they are not here to defend themselves! I don't complain, I am just realistic. Don't go getting all fast on me. I can't run by myself and I don't want to be fast. I like slow and easy! HA HA! Missed you and glad you had a great run with Pam. I will just have to let Pam know to backoff, your my running partner!