Monday, August 4, 2008

8.8 Miles!

This Sunday we ran 8.8 miles....our longest so far! Luckily it was cooler than it has been lately although I still looked like I had gone swimming when I finished. It was a great run and we averaged under an 11 min/mile which is wonderful for our "long slow runs". As usual we had some interesting conversations, we definitely didn't try the "less talk" idea, maybe next time ;)

I forgot to mention in my last post that I found the bike I want!!! Amy tried to get me to buy it right then but I resisted. It won't be long before I am able to get it so I'm doing well at practicing patience.

Today was a cross-training day so I did some Cardio-Yoga. It was a pretty good workout, i definitely worked up a sweat and got some great stretching in. I couldn't do all the poses and fell over a couple times (LOL) but I think I will incorporate yoga into at least one of my workouts a week. Strengthening my core and becoming more flexible will only help with my running.

Time to is going to be hot tomorrow and we have a track workout scheduled!

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Nikki Miller-Ka said...

I have been walking every day, 2-3 miles before it gets blazing outside and I haven't been doing a good job of keeping hydrated. I've been deathly (or at least it felt like it at the time) ill 3 times during the past three weeks, due to dehydration. I need to learn. It's as if I can never drink enough, even when I'm NOT thirsty.

Keep up the goodwork, my friend. I'm proud of you and your accomplishments so far.

...I want a bike too...