Sunday, August 17, 2008

Communication is the Key

The following is a prime example of why adults should not try to communicate via text messaging.....

2:30 am - Text from Amy: I might not make it tomorrow (that's the short version of the message)
2:35 am - Text to Amy: OK, just let me know or maybe we can just get together and run later (mind you, I was half asleep when I sent this)
6:05 am - Text from Amy: Let's do it! I didn't get to sleep until after 2!
6:10 am - Text to Amy: OK, see you in a few

So what happened??? I get to the coffee shop at 7am for our run and Amy is still at home asleep thinking that we are going to meet later in the day. We clearly had two different understandings of the meaning of our text conversation. When I got the "Let's do it!" text (shortly after I had hit my snooze button and was seriously contemplating cutting my alarm off completely) I was thinking, "wow, somebody has already had a few cups of coffee and is pumped to go". And I'm guessing that she took my "see you in a few" to mean a few HOURS, not minutes. AHHHHHH......perhaps next time we will just call each other instead of texting.

On to the run....since I was short a running buddy and I really wasn't trying to run an unfamiliar route by myself (good thing since our directions were wrong and had I been alone I might still be out there wondering around), I decided that I would just have to step it up and run with Pam and David. I made up my mind I would stick with them and told my body to just deal with it! Luckily my mind won and I was able to stay with them for the entire 9 miles, whooo hooo. I would like to note that there was very little talking done by me during this run. If you know me, you know how much I like to talk and since I'm not running to win any medals, I would much rather run slower and be able to talk than to run faster and not. So don't worry Amy, I'm not going to leave you for the fast group. (Even though I think Pam is trying to steal me from you!) It was motivating to know that I CAN run with the faster people and not feel like I'm going to die when I finish.

Now it is time for me to ice my leg again....

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runrgrl2007 said...

Thanks for reminding me that yes I should of just called you! OK so now we have to try and step up running with no talking.....You just proved that it can be done.
I will have to call Pam now and let her know there will be a cat fat for you! Aren't you special.
See you Tuesday......