Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Apparently "Fartlek" is Swedish for "Speed Play". I remember running fartleks during cross country practice but I don't know that I ever knew what it really meant. Pretty much you sprint for a certain amount of time and then jog, sprint, jog....you get the point. Today we did six 30 second sprints with a decreasing amount of time to job in between each sprint.

I would say the run went fairly well, except for the part where Amy tried to kill herself! OK, not really but I have decided that she has to bring her inhaler whenever we do speed work. I also didn't realize how competitive she was. She says "you're a better sprinter than me" then proceeds to refuse to let me beat her during the sprint portions which results in me accusing her of trying to die on me.

I was going to write more tonight but I have procrastinated and now I'm distracted by the Olympics - currently they are showing the Men's Diving, amazing. So I have completely forgotten the other things I was going to write on my blog tonight. I will note that Chris has decided that the female announcer is a "hater" and that she keeps pointing out all little things that the Chinese keep doing wrong. Ohh...they are now about to start the track portion so I am going to end this post now. I'll do better tomorrow, haha.

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runrgrl2007 said...

Well for somone distracted by men in swimsuits, you hit the high spots. Great run and yes you are definately the better sprinter. I might die trying to keep up with you. Please make sure John buries me in my shorts and tennis shoes. My favorite flowers are lillies. Star gazing preferably!