Sunday, August 24, 2008

Less Talk, More Run (Much More!)

11.5 miles today!!! This is our longest run so far and it was a very good one. I didn't feel GREAT but I felt pretty good. I probably should have run yesterday so I wouldn't have been as tight during today's run. Amy and I didn't do as much talking as we usually do but we did get some significant conversation time in which made for an enjoyable run. What made the run even MORE enjoyable was that Amy is back on her game! I was concerned when she texted me yesterday saying she biked almost 40 miles, I was worried she might be too tired to make it through the long run. How dare I doubt her!

The run was great, I even found myself having to pick it up at times to keep up with her. According to R2D2 (I'm trying out names for my Garmin, lol) we ran a 10:27 pace. That's wonderful! Last week was a 10.14 pace and the run was 2.5 miles shorter. I have no doubt in my mind that I will be happy about my final marathon time. I don't have a specific goal, other than to finish. I just don't feel like I can accurately set a goal when I have no idea how things are going to turn out. After I run this first one though, I will have a baseline for future marathons. This run was a great way to start the week.

I've made my "healthy eating" grocery list and I am going to try to do really well this week. It's not that I have terrible eating habits but I do tend to have meals that consist of buffalo wings and ice cream. LOL


runrgrl2007 said...

You better not have jinxed us! I was afraid as well about hows today run would go. We rocked it out! I like r2 d2's time much better..... I ran a 10:33, you know I had to have a cool down quicker than you!

Thanks for being a wonderful running buddy!

Kay said...

You both rocked!!!!! You looked great when you got back. Way to go ladies.