Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm kinda concerned you'll be causin a crash

Well, we didn't actually cause any crashes today but we definitely got a lot of stares and some honks. I'm going to assume it was because of how cute Amy and I looked in our running skirts and not because they were trying to figure out why there was a group of obviously crazy people running up and down the hill on Old Battleground!

Me and my big mouth....Marisa sent an email asking if we wanted to do hills today or do a 5k (3 miles) instead. What was my response? HILLS!!!! I wasn't actually aware of the details of said hill when I cast my vote. I missed the 1st hill workout so I didn't know this particular hill was half a mile long and pretty steep. I think I may have nightmares about this hill, that is, during the periods of sleep in between waking up to leg cramps. Oh yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh............I'm beginning to really learn the joys of marathon training and I LOVE IT! What is that saying??? "No pain, no gain" Don't get me wrong..we actually did very well today. 5 hill repeats at a consistent pace that was at our 5-10k pace. I know all these hill workouts will pay off on Nov 2nd when I'm running the marathon course!

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runrgrl2007 said...

I forgot about the guy who about fell out the window looking at us at the top of the hill. LOL! This better payoff! I better be one kickass hill runner soon. OK by the time this is over. I will be realistic. Scotty hasn't downloaded yet so I can't see our pace.
Looking forward to trails tonight. We will have a blast!