Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rain? What Rain?

Today our regularly schedule group run was cancelled because of rain....wimps! LOL. Just kidding guys/girls. Well, despite the group decision, I was not going to let a little rain get in the way of the run I so desperately needed. I really needed to get out some frustration and a treadmill just wasn't going to cut it. Plus, I haven't had a run in the rain in much too long.

Why am I frustrated you ask? One of my close work friends put in her notice of departure today. :( Now who am I going to sametime jokes to?? This is just one more thing that makes my day a little less enjoyable.

The run did manage to cheer me up a little bit though. It was great, I practically had the whole park to myself. It wasn't a cold rain, it was a nice cool rain that felt wonderful as I ran. The trees in the park helped slow it down so it wasn't like it was difficult to see while I was running. It reminded me of why I like running in the rain so much. I kinda felt like I was in a Nike commercial, LOL. We've been lucky so far in our training that we haven't had to deal with bad weather but now we are getting into hurricane season so there are going to be some rainy days. I for one would much rather run outside in the rain than on some stinkin treadmill any day!

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Paul said...

I couldn't agree more about running in the rain instead of on a treadmill. I ran in the rain last night also and it was actually nice...much better than running in 100 degrees. Besides it could always rain on race day so I figure you might as well be use to it.