Saturday, August 16, 2008

Banana Bread French Toast

Amy lured me out of my warm and cozy bed with promises of delicious banana bread french toast. Since I had never had such a dish and I love food I took the bait. I arrived at her house at 7 in the morning (i really should have still been in the bed) to the smell of freshly baked bread. YUM!! Then to my despair I learn that I must first run 5 miles before I am allowed to enjoy this wonderful smelling treat. WHAT!!!???? 5 miles! LOL, I'm joking, I knew about the run beforehand but I still feel as if that is something Amy would try to pull on me.

After a pretty good run, even though there was this extremely loooooong hill on the way back. It wasn't very steep which was good, it just seemed to never end. We did 5 miles at a pretty good pace. I'm glad I made it at all since last night I was having a sneezing fit and could barely breathe out of my nose. I have decided that I cannot get sick between now and Nov 2nd so if whatever this is is trying to turn into a cold it needs to just stop right now!

After the run Amy was hosting a Pampered Chef party, I just had the best Alfredo spinach and bacon pizza ever! If this is what Saturday runs at Amy's are like then I need to do this every weekend. Did I mention how much I love to eat? One of the reasons I run is so I can eat more and not turn into a fat cow. Alright, enough excitement for one day, I need a nap....

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runrgrl2007 said...

Yes I normallyl can lure anyone iwth my cooking! NOT! I just have a few things I can cook and I think I just added one more to my list. Glad you enjoyed it and GREAT RUN! We definately deserved that french toast. She forgot to tell everyone how healthy I made it!