Friday, August 29, 2008

I'd Rather Run than Drive!

The 5 miles today felt WAY better than the 6 yesterday. Let's see how this 13 on Sunday will go.... I probably laughed through half of the run today, especially when Amy and I started trading "this one time when I got drunk" stories (of course, mine were purely fictional because I've never actually gotten drunk - hey, my dad reads my blog!). The best thing about today's run was the before the run Amy gave me a necklace with the words "No more excuses" on it. This is such a great motto and I should apply it to my life in general. Now, on to the reason for the title of my post. I HATE bad drivers, yes I said hate and I know it is a strong word but bad drivers are some of the most dangerous people around.

Here is a list of my top 5 (in no particular order) driving pet peeves:

1. Old People: I'm sure not ALL old people are bad drivers but I'm talking about the ones that wear those gigantic sunglasses (I call them Terminator Shades) and sit really close to the steering wheel. Almost every time I'm driving and the person in front of me does something ridiculous I ride up and see that it is an OLD person! What makes it even worse is that I feel bad for wanting to cuss out someone who could be my grandparent.

2. Improper Use of a Turn Signal: The purpose of a turn signal is to signal (in advance) that you are about to slow down to turn. It completely defeats the purpose if you put on your turn signal AFTER you have already put on your breaks. I needed to know BEFORE you slammed on breaks that you were about to make a turn so that I wouldn't be surprised and also have to slam on my breaks.

3. Brake Tapping: While we are on the subject of brakes....I can't stand people who ride their brakes while on the highway. Unless a deer pops out of the woods or something flies off the car in front of you there is no reason for you to randomly put on brakes. If the person in front of you slows down then just let off the gas, there is usually no need to just slam on your brakes and cause a two mile traffic jam because now everyone else has to slam on their brakes. If you weren't riding up on the person in front of you then you probably wouldn't have needed to put on your brakes in the first place.

4. Tailgating: This leads me to my next gripe. Just because you have a giant SUV, Diesel truck, etc does not give you the right to try to intimidate me into moving over. You don't have a monster truck, you aren't going to roll over my car so get over it and back up off my bumper. Now I dislike when people ride at or under the speed limit in the left lane as much as the next person but when I'm going over the speed limit AND there is a car in front of me, there isn't much I can do so get off my back!

5. Cruisers: While I don't like people riding up on my bumper, some people deserve it. Why are you driving 5 miles below the speed limit in the left lane??? Get the heck OVER. And what make me even madder is when I get over and try to pass said slow poke and then they decide they want to speed up so that I can't pass them so finally I give up and get back behind them then they proceed to slow back down! That's how people get shot. (Not that I would shoot someone or even own a gun but I'm just saying...)

There are lots of other things that bother me about being on the road but I will end my rant here. Some days I just wish I could run everywhere I needed to go instead of driving.

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