Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Swimming Lesson

Last night I met some of the women from my running group at The Press for some wine and appeitizers. I had a great time and tried some new wine that I really enjoyed. This surprised me because I don't generally drink wine, especially red wine but this was nice and paired really well with the cheese and devil's potatoes we had with it. While we were talking Marisa told me she was going swimming at 6 in the morning and told me that I could meet her there if I wanted and she would take a look at my stroke. Hmm, get up at 6 in the morning on my day off after drinking several glasses of wine the night before??

Needless to say, Marisa looked surprised to see me at the pool in the morning but I was there. I am dedicated to training for this marathon and swimming is the part I feel I need to work on the most. I haven't actually ridden on a road bike yet so hopefully I'm not overestimating my ability to ride a bike. I had a great time with Marisa at the pool. She took a look at my stroke and gave me some pointers on how to improve it and several drills that I can do to help with my form. I could tell a difference in my swimming immediately! I have all the way until April to get ready so I know that I am going to be in great shape by then.

After I finished my swim, I went in the locker room to take a shower and change into my street clothes. When I got in there the whirlpool looked so inviting I decided to get in for a few minutes. BAD IDEA. No sooner than I get in the water does this older, completely nude woman decide to join me. Now, I don't have a problem with nudity in general and I probably would have been fine if she would have just sat in the tub but NO! She proceeded to get directly across from me (it's a pretty wirlpool but not HUGE) and then turn around, hold on to the wall and stretch out her body towards me. UGGGGHHHH!!! That is me gagging. I don't think I will every get back in that whirlpool after that tramatizing experience.

Busy day today, I just finished doing some cleaning and I still have more to do. I have to go pick up my mom so we can do some last minute grocery shopping and then start getting prepared to cook Thanksgiving dinner. We will make the pies (sweet potato and pumpkin) tonight and save everything else for in the morning. I probably won't post tomorrow so have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Bryan said...

Having someone overlook your swimming can be very helpful. For example as soon as Paul told me to swim head first, I really improved my times!

As for the men's Jacuzzi it doesn't get much better. I have seen so many old dudes packed in there at one time it looked like free beer night and the suds-n-tub! also reminded me of those Japanese monkeys that sit around in the hot springs to stay warm.
Hey what can say? naked, gray, hairy, and soaking for hours! Monkeys or Club members?