Monday, November 17, 2008

Choppy Water

I went swimming again today with Paul and Brian during lunch. Oh - update on the hair situation...I have just decided to give in to wet hair because it does not seem like I will find a way to keep my hair from getting soaked AND do flip turns. Speaking of flip turns, I think that mine are getting really good and are already WAY better than Bryan's.

I did 500 meters non-stop (well except for the time I paused briefly because I thought Paul was talking to me but really he was just waiting for me to hurry up and go so he could start his next lap). There were people in the other lanes so the three of us swam in a lane together. Ummmm, yeah, swimming in a line with two other people is a lot different than swimming in a lane by yourself. I can only imagine what it will be like to swim in open water with a gang of other people. The water was choppy enough with just those two other people swimming near me. So you can imagine that I did indeed swallow some water, but that's usual anyway. Currently, I only breathe when I turn my head to the right and I breathe on every stroke. Once I get up to swimming 750 meters without stopping I am going to try to start breathing on both sides and try to not have to breathe on every stroke.

I hope that my stroke is correct, I've never really had swim lessons on how to do a proper stroke. I'm really starting to like this whole swimming thing....I could feel the muscles in my abs, back and shoulders working really heard during the swim. I am going to be chiseled by the summer!


Susan said...

The water is much more choppy w those monkeys than it will be in a wave of just girls who know how to swim. :)

Happyrunningbunny said...

HAHA, very true Susan!

Paul said...

Hey, I work hard to maintain my clydesdale status! But I will have to agree with Susan on this one. I doubt you are going to have any 200 pound+ people in your wave...much less two.

runrgrl2007 said...

OK you better stop getting fast at this swim thing... I hate being behind you all time!

Happyrunningbunny said...

Paul - I hope you are right!

Amy - Stop it!! Once you start your lessons you will be fine.

Bryan said...

Did you think you were doing Flip Turns?
I guess in a foot-scraping, wall-bashing, wrong way facing sort of way... you were!

Let's be clear!

I was doing the hand-scraping, miss the wall completly, gasping for breath flip turn!

So mine were better!