Monday, November 10, 2008

Swimming - Experiment One

Today was the first day of swimming. I would like to state for the record that this was the first time I have swam laps in about two years so I think I did pretty well considering. I swam somewhere between 400-500 meters, I lost count towards the end. I was winded but it felt great. It was especially nice to do some sort of exercising because I have been a total couch potato for the past week (aside from being drug around to various stores and having to move/unpack). I think the lack of exercise was beginning to get to me and making me extra irritable.

The experience did not start off well. Since we are still in the process of moving/unpacking I could not find my bathing suit. Yes, I only have one that I would have been willing to wear to the pool. All of my other bathing suits are bikinis and that just wasn't about to happen. I figured I could just pick one up at Target before going to the pool. OHHH YEAAAHHH, it is WINTER - there are no bathing suits are Target right now because who in their right mind swims in the winter! So I end up going to Omega Sports and settle on the standard racing swim suit, ugh.

Things got better once I got to the gym. I quickly signed up for my 30-day trial with promises to join for real (I do really plan on joining). Then I changed into my swimsuit while being visually assaulted by wrinkly, saggy old lady bodies. Unfortunately you have to walk down the stairs and across the gym to get to the pool. I used my towel to shield myself from the stares of the other people in the gym. My coworkers were nice enough to pretend not to be disgusted by the sight of me in my swimsuit, LOL. I'm glad those wetsuits look like they are pretty good at camouflaging fat.

Then the swimming took place....nothing exciting or fancy.

Now the information you are all waiting for....what did I do about my hair?? I decided to just try to manage with only a swim cap. How did that work for me? It DIDN'T! When I got out my hair was SOAKED. HUUUHHHH. I rinsed it in the shower and then blowdryed it a little bit before flat ironing it with my wet-to-dry flat iron. It wasn't TERRIBLE but my hair was definitely frizzy and did not look how I would like it to look. When I got back to work Paul and Brian said it looked fine, maybe they were being nice but more likely they didn't even remember what it looked like before I got in the pool so they didn't have anything to compare it to. Plus, they are men, what do they know about hair!

Next time I am going to try putting on a shower cap THEN put on the swim cap. I'll let you know how that works out.


Dena Harris said...

From on curly/frizzy haired girl to another... I feel your pain.

Paul said...

I have some bad news for you...wetsuits hide NOTHING!