Friday, November 7, 2008

Swimming Dilemma

I have a dilemma.

Next week I am supposed to start swimming with Paul and Brian during lunch time. No, the problem isn't having my coworkers see me in a bathing suit or me having to see them shirtless, LOL. The dilemma is my HAIR. Since I recently cut my hair I have been wearing it straight. My hair is naturally curly so I have to blow dry and/or flat iron it to make it straight. If it gets wet it is going to curl up. I COULD just start back wearing it curly although I am not quite sure how it will look now that it is about 5 inches shorter than I am used to. Not to mention that I prefer to wear my hair straight because both sides of my hair don't curl the same, one curls tighter than the other - weird I know. I also have YET to find the ideal curl enhancer to make my curls look glossy and beautiful instead of a frizzy mess.

SO, how do I swim without getting my hair wet???? I think I will pass on Paul's suggestion which was to shave my head like he does and then I won't have any hair to get wet. Of course being the Google Queen that I am (I will Google something in a heartbeat to prove a point) I googled the topic to see what suggestions are out there in the internet world. Here is what I found:

1. Don't go under water. - This seemed to be the most popular suggestion and also the most useless. Don't go under water!!?? How in the heck can I swim laps without going under water.

2. Wear a swimming cap. - Uhh yeah, well the last time I tried that my hair most definitely got wet. I believe swimming caps are designed to reduced the drag caused by hair, not to keep it from getting wet. I actually think most swim caps tell you to wet your hair before putting them on.

3. Wear a plastic back OVER a swim cap. - Hmmm, this has potential if you don't mind looking like a CRAZY PERSON. I would also face certain ridicule upon chosing this option.

That was pretty much all I could find, however, I did find this site that sold some sort of cap that goes over a swim cap that is supposed to help keep your hair from getting wet. It has a chin strap and looks like something those syncronized swimmers from the 60's used to wear.

This isn't looking too promising. I guess I'll go google some suggestions for a good curl enhancer because I'm pretty sure my hair will be getting wet. I might need to try to find a blow dryer as well.


Paul said...

Yes, you would face certain ridicule by wearing the shower cap over your swim cap :) . I still think that shaving your head is the best option. It works great for me!

BTW: the club has hair dryers there that you can use.

Paul said...

I don't have jury duty tomorrow so I will be swimming.