Sunday, November 16, 2008

Movie Review - Quantum of Solace

I went to see the new James Bond movie today, Quantum of Solace. I have seen almost every James Bond movie that has been made. I'd have to say Sean Conner is my favorite James Bond. I was not pleased with the choice of Daniel Craig as James Bond since it was first announced, he just doesn't look the part in my opinion. Also, I don't like how he purses his lips - it just doesn't look manly to me.

Ok, on to the review of this particular movie. I'd have to sum it up by saying, a lot of fluff and very little substance. Have we, as a movie going nation, become so attention deficient that we only want to watch movies that are full of action instead of watching movies with a deep and involved plot? I won't say anything to "spoil" the movie, not that there is much to spoil anyway. I will say that in a movie that was only a hour and 45 minutes long there was a car chase, foot chase, boat chase, and even an airplane chase. I mean COME ON how many chase scenes are necessary in one movie? I was also disappointed by the so-called villian. He wasn't evil enough and I didn't see any physical defects. What self-respecting James Bond villian doesn't have at least a minor physical defect??? The Bond girl was significantly hotter than the one in the last movie so I guess that is a positive (for the fellas). She still needed saving by the heroic Bond...these movies are so sexist, but that is the topic of what could be an entire series of posts.

The bottom line is that while the movie was fairly entertaining and very action packed, I left the theater feeling empty. The movie had no substance, the plot was extremely weak. They tried to cram a bunch of stuff into a short movie and it ended up seeming like a bunch of nothing. It COULD have been a decent story had they even bothered to develop the plot instead of glossing over it and showing a lot of killing and explosions to compensate. I don't recommend spending the cost of a movie ticket to see this movie but if you are a Bond fan, you may want to check it out when it comes to DVD.

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Chris said...

well babe... I sure do agree... even with all the action, we could have watched that one at home... ohhh you did forget to metion the intro scene was great... the last one was terrible...