Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Recap

Exercise wise this was a very unproductive weekend. I didn't do any real exercising. I will count dancing at the club as semi-exercising since I did work up a sweat. I didn't really do well on the eating side either. I missed meals and ate high calorie/high fat items for most of the meals I did have, LOL. I'm sure chicken and waffles at 3 in the morning counts as being extremely bad!

The good thing about this weekend is that it was a mental health break. I went to Atlanta with one of my close friends to visit one of our other close friends. It was wonderful! I love spending time with my girls and we always have a great time. We spent some time shopping and eating and clubbing. We also had the chance to watch some movies which was fun. My husband doesn't like when I make comments throughout the movie (which I like to do) so when I watch movies with my girl friends I get to talk with them throughout. The two movies we watched were Revolutionary Road (wonderful) and Gran Torino (average). I definitely will carve out some girl time every so often to help myself recharge and relax.

I will get it together this week and get back on my exercise and eating schedule. I do so well that it is okay for me to relax sometimes and not worry about all those things. Bottom-line: I had a great weekend, how about you?

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