Friday, January 2, 2009

Healthy Eating Plan

I don't really consider this a part of my 2009 goals because this is a plan that I came up with this summer when I decided to get serious about running and getting in shape. However, implementation is a big part of my theme for 2009 so my goal is to actually implement and stick with my healthy eating plan. I usually do very well for a few weeks and then a go on a reckless snacking rampage and fall of the healthy eating cliff.

Here are the broad aspects of the plan.

1. Plan Meals: This means sitting down one day of the week (I'm thinking Fri would be the best day) and planning my meals for the next week. The most important meal to plan for me is dinner.

2. Consistent Grocery Shopping: I despise grocery shopping. I won't go into the reasons (that may be a future post) but I need to make sure I visit the grocery store at least once a week to make sure I have the food for the meals I've planned. Not having anything to cook usually results in us having fast food for dinner which is NOT healthy eating

3. Eat Out Less: I have very little will-power when it comes to eating out. I find it extremely hard to order something healthy when there is a delicious burger or Alfredo pasta dish staring at me on the menu. I need to conserve money anyway so eating out less will benefit my wallet and waist! I would like to limit my eating out to once a week for lunch and once a week for dinner.

4. Drink More Water: Sometimes I'm really good at this and other times I just sit around thirsty. I will make a better effort to drink water throughout the day. I won't set a specific number of cups I should drink a day because it will vary greatly depending on the amount of exercise I am doing that particular day.

5. Eliminate Mindless Snacking: I love snacks; chips, cookies, candy, etc. I could snack all day if there were snacks available and no one to stop me. I need to get a handle on this by planning my snack session and only having healthy snacks (fruits, veggies, 100 calorie snack packs) available.

Those are the basics of my Healthy Eating Plan. Healthy eating is a lifestyle so I'm not trying to make a rigid set of rules because that would just be setting myself up for failure. I debated keeping track of calories but it isn't like I'm trying to lose a bunch of weight so I felt that wouldn't really be necessary. I just know that if I DO eat one (or two) of the doughnuts I'm sure someone will bring into the office then I need to workout a little longer/harder that day.

I plan on trying one new recipe a week and I will be posting it on the site so that you can try it if you like, feedback is appreciated.

So what do you think? Do any of you have things that you are incorporating into your lifestyle to help improve your eating habits?


Susan said...

Maybe we should start a food swap or something. Paul is a great cook too--we could also swap leftovers if you want. I am eating more veggies in 2009--I have a reward chart just like the kids!

Paul said...

My goal is to eat enough to keep racing clydesdale (200 lbs and over)!!!

runrgrl2007 said...

Good luc.....eating healthy is so my downfall! You can do it though! Put those double ovens to good use.

Dena said...

Last year Blair and I started sitting down every Friday or Saturday and planning our meals for the week. It made a HUGE difference for us. We eat our much less and it's helpful to have a list in the kitchen of what meals we're having on what nights for the week. We also make out our grocery list at the same time we plan our menu, so everything is on hand. TIP: Allow one night as a "freebie" which is just soup and sandwiches or cereal or whatever. Gives you a break from cooking every day and leaves a day open for you to swap meals around in case you don't feel like cooking one night.

Snacking is my downfall... I need to find the willpower. =)