Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Time Control

I can't stand tardiness. If I had to pick one of my biggest pet peeves then that would probably be right up there on top. I don't like to be late and I don't like for others to be late. Time is precious and it is something you can't ever get back.

I think my feelings about time are what have led me to be such a big scheduler and planner. I like to plan out my day. I like to have a schedule that I follow in order to complete my plan for the day. I function alot better when I have a schedule. I really recognize this on days where I don't have a schedule. When I DO have a schedule I tend to eat right, get my exercise in, and accomplish the things I planned to do for the day. When I DON'T have a schedule then my days end up kind of like they did today......very unproductive. I made sure to get the things done that I really needed to do but for the most part I just played around. I didn't eat right and I didn't exercise.

I don't know what it is that makes me feel like I need to actually make a schedule to stay on track but I guess it is something that I just need to do. So I've made my schedule for tomorrow and I will eat right and I'll exercise.....pilates again!


Dena said...

There is a special place in Heaven for people like us who plan. They save the special place for us b/c they know we'll get there on time...

Susan said...

I hate that also--it is completely disrespectful to the person who is waiting for you.