Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Can't Feel My Toes

I called Paul and Susan this morning to see if they were still up for riding today since they did run 20 miles on Saturday. Of course they were, I was secretly hoping they would cancel so I could blame not exercising on them and feel less guilty. No such luck so I bundled up and headed over to their place so we could go for a ride.

We ended up doing about 14 miles. Any longer and I probably would have frozen to death. I'm ready for the spring so I don't have to deal with freezing cold hands and feet. We finished the ride almost 2 hours ago and I still haven't completely gotten feeling back in my toes. It's crazy because besides my hand and feet and my face (but only when going down hill) it really wasn't that bad. I think it helped that I decided to ask to borrow and additional jacket from Susan, otherwise I may have really been suffering.

As far as the ride went, I think it is getting easier. Getting up the hills wasn't as difficult this time which was a good feeling. I'll be happy when I can ride more often so then I can really get into it. I'm thinking about trying out one of the spinning classes at The Club so I can at least feel like I'm kind of riding more than once a week.

I hope next Sunday is warmer....

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Paul said...

You did better than I did, I was still shivering when I got in bed Sunday night. They are saying the high for next Sunday is 53 and since we are going later it should be better. We will keep our fingers crossed anyway...assuming they aren't frost bitten from last Sunday and we can move them.