Monday, January 5, 2009

Sleep Diary #3

It has been a while since I've written a post on my sleeping habits. I actually made it into the bed before 10p.m. Dena informed me that the people should be asleep by ten or it messes up their natural rhythm (I'm not sure that's exactly what she told me but something along those lines). I think I may have even fallen asleep before 10 BUT I was rudely ripped from my slumber by the sound of my husband's phone ringing! I figured that was a bad omen predicting how the rest of my night would go and I was correct. I woke up about 5 times between the time I got in the bed and the time I finally got out of the bed around 6 in the morning.

Even the times where I was asleep, it wasn't peaceful sleep! I had some of the craziest dreams last night which I won't share because you might think I have a problem. When I looked in the mirror this morning I had suitcases underneath my eyes, ugh. Surprisingly I don't FEEL tired so that is good. I am really going to try hard to get in the bed before 10 so that I can be rested for the next day. Plus, if I'm going to do some serious training (which I am) then I need to make sure I have the energy to put my full effort into it. Hopefully once I get back into the swing of things (meaning, getting up at 6 instead of 11) then I'll sleep better.

On another note: we had lunch today at work and they served PIZZA! I mean, wtf, are they trying to make people fat around here???? I'm sure a bunch of people just blew their resolution to eat healthier in 2009 because 3 slices of pepperoni pizza is NOT healthy. I knew that we were having pizza for lunch so I made sure to bring my lunch. It was hard to see and smell the pizza, I do LOVE pizza, and not eat it but I didn't! I actually had the willpower to pass on the pizza which is saying alot for me. I was not about to start off the year by eating pizza for lunch. I'm not saying that I will not eat any pizza in 2009 but I will save pizza for when I REALLY want pizza, not just because that's what they brought into the office for lunch. We are having another lunch on Thursday - it better not be pizza again!


Paul said...

Susan and I were up late last night also. We didn't go to bed until about 9pm! We are sorry old people and are usually in bed by 8:30.

So you are saying my 7 pieces of pizza today weren't good for me?

Susan said...

BTW--he didn't tell you that we got up about 5 times each to pee after trying to rehydrate after 16 miles of running.

Happyrunningbunny said...

Paul - since we decided that you can pretty much eat whatever you want, I guess 7 pieces was okay. You know I was talking about some of the OTHER people we work with that probably shouldn't have been eating pizza.

Susan - I think that was my problem too, I drank ALOT of water yesterday which resulted in frequent trips to the bathroom.