Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Change of Post

I was planning to write something interesting tonight about my race preparation and even talk about a new CD I'm really enjoying. I thought about posting some links to a few of the tracks I like the most so that you could listen to them too. However, SOMEONE made me pack and clean up since the movers are coming tomorrow to take away the furniture and now I'm to tired to be entertaining. I am actually going to go to bed early tonight. Provided our Internet is actually hooked up tomorrow (I'm talking to you Time Warner) then I will do then what I was going to do tonight.

Now it's off to the shower and then icing my knee before bed. Goodnight!!!!


runrgrl2007 said...

Hope you got to bed early..... Movers?? Does that mean you will be in your new house tonight? I would come over but I am sure you and Chris will be "busy"!

Katherine said...

Hey Girl! I have fallen behind in reading blogs lately (midterms-- yuck!)... but I just wanted to let you know that I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU that your weekend is finally here! You are going to do great!

I missed you at Cannonball... I didn't see you, but then again I was looking for a bright pink shirt! I had a good time and a good race, but definitely not as much fun as the 30k with you and Amy!

Anyway, go get 'em this weekend! You are going to rock it!