Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Feel Better

I ran a few miles today and I feel a bit better about Sunday. My knee didn't feel 100% which is slightly dissapointing. I would much rather go into my first marathon feeling GREAT, not just OK. I still have some days though and the aching could just completely dissapear. The good things is that my knee didn't really hurt either, it was just a slight twinge that I would feel at some points during my run today. I am optimistic about Sunday and I can't wait. The weather is supposed to be perfect - a high of 64 and sunny!! I will wear my wonderful Race Ready shorts along with a hot pink tank top (I will probably begin the race with a long sleeve shirt on but I tend to heat up pretty quickly so that will be off by the end of the race.)

I was considering painting my name on the front of my shirt so that people could cheer for me. It is amazing how having someone cheering for you can really help motivate you to keep going. I am lucky enough to have a large support system of people that will be in attendance to help me make it through the race. I'm used to having someone to run with or at least having my music. This will be 26 miles of just me and my thoughts...that could be a good or a bad thing, LOL.

Thursday or Friday (depending on how things go with Time Warner Cable I might not have internet access Thursday night) I will post the race course so anyone planning on coming out on Sunday will have an idea of where to stand to cheer me on. Some of my coworkers are planning on being around mile 23 and they asked me what time do I think I will be there. Good question! Well I think the earliest I will be at mile 23 is 4 hours but we shall see.

Alrighty, it is time for me to get in the bed. I didn't actually make it into the bed until 11 last night and I'm not sure what time I went to sleep due to some stomach issues. Once I did fall asleep I woke up several times during the night. All in all, NOT a good night's sleep. Here's hoping tonight will be better!

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Kay said...

You are gonna rock and roll on Sunday. Maybe roll isnt a great word to use but you get the idea. Since I should be there, and the doc siad I can run for 10 OR SO minutes, I can always run with you for a while. I go back to the doc on Friday so he might even let me run more!!!!! What mile do you need a buddy? If the miles are covered I'll see you at the end!