Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What's Your Motivation??

I went ahead and signed back up for more blissful ignorance denial about the calories in my meals. Take today for instance, I went to Burger King and had a Whopper Jr. with cheese. Completely inappropriate! I felt even worse when I had to put that into my calorieking database and saw exactly how many calories that contained. :( The point of this is not to make myself feel worse but to hold myself accountable. If I don't write it down, if I don't know for certain how many calories are in what I'm eating then it is a lot harder to actually stick to a plan and truly lose weight/improve my health & body. This isn't really the point of the post, just a little update on what I'm doing as far as diet/nutrition is going. I will keep you posted.

As a part of the calorieking program you have to list your motivators and barriers. That made me start thinking about my motivation. Why do I do this? Why do I worry about what I eat and how much I exercise? Why don't I just sit around and eat whatever I want until I get big and fat and can't walk so I have to use one of those scooters when I go to the grocery store to get more unhealthy food so I can get even fatter? Ohhh that's right....I want to give myself the best chance as possible to live a long and healthy life free of the complications caused by obesity and obesity related diseases (diabetes, high-blood pressure, etc.)

That is my number one motivation - a healthy body and mind. I have other things that motivate me as well. I thought that listing them out would help me and hopefully help spark your mind to think about what motivates you.

*I want to look great naked. (This is a completely vain motivator but so what, it motivates ME)
*The sense of accomplishment I feel when I finish a race or a particularly hard training session
*"Runner's High"
*My friends and family - knowing that they fully support me is one of the best things in the world
*The fun of it

Those are the main things that make me want to eat healthy and make me want to exercise.

What motivates you?


Sarah said...

For me...I want to make healthy decisions about my lifestyle so I can be around for a long time for my kids. My kids are you, 2 and 6, and I also want to be a good role model for them.

Paul said...

CRUSHING THE COMPETITION!!! And also for the sanity of everyone else around me. I get kind of crazy if I don't get any exercise.

Chris said...

Well you know I got your back... I can be a drill sgt. if need be... just let me know... ohh and I love the naked motivator..... lol

Dena said...

Baby, we ALL want to look good naked! Oh yeah, and there is that health thing too...

Token Black Chick said...

Looking good naked is pretty much all I think about all day every day. I feel like I'm getting a gut but nothing else seems to be getting bigger on me. Must be the alcohol.