Thursday, March 5, 2009

Heart Stopper

I went for a 5 mile run today with my lovely running friends. I hadn't done anything significant since Saturday so I was feeling pretty stiff. My calf got really tight about half-way through the run but luckily that passed pretty quickly. I was mad that my heart rate monitor decided that it didn't want to work tonight. The battery should still be good so I'm really not sure why it wasn't working. I'll have to play around with it a little to figure it out.

I'm really trying to wear my heart rate monitor more frequently. I have experienced very high heart rates and I want to see if this is still happening. I can actually FEEL when it is happening but I want to know exactly how high it is getting and at what point in my run. It usually only happens when I get too hot but it has also happened at other times too.

Alrighty, well I spent entirely too much time torturing myself watching American Idol so it is way past my bedtime....Goodnight!

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