Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up and Goal Setting #4

Last week was CRAZY! It snowed on Sunday and by the end of the week it was warm enough to wear shorts.

The beginning of the week was too cold for me to exercise outside, not to mention I was feeling a bit lazy. I did better towards the end of the week. I ran 5 miles on Thursday although it wasn't a great run, I made it! The weekend was wonderful. On Saturday I biked/ran and on Sunday I biked. Here are my totals for the week:
Swimming - 0
Running - 8.5 miles
Biking - 64 miles

Goal Setting:
This week I'm getting serious! I started off today with a 1000 meter swim. I was very happy with the swim because I was able to do it in 25 minutes. I'm feeling comfortable in the water but I am still nervous about the lake.
The plan from now until the triathlon is to do three of each event a week.
Swimming: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Biking: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (I'm hoping this rain will hold off otherwise I will probably skip the biking or see if I can get in a spin class at the gym)
Running: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Nutrition-wise I'm working on things. I have started using calorieking which is helping me be more aware of what I eat. I did very good today. This weekend I burned so many calories with all of the biking I did, I had a hard time eating enough calories to make up for all that I burned. I am trying to strike that balance between eating enough to provide my body with enough energy to do my workouts and not eating too much which will lead me to gain weight. This is hard.....

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