Sunday, March 22, 2009

Solo Bike Ride

I was too wimpy to get up and go for a early morning bike ride in the cold so I had to settle for riding alone. This was my first bike ride alone and while I am comfortable on the bike I am not THAT comfortable. I decided to do the 10 mile loop I mapped out around my house. It was okay but there were a bit too many cars for me. I am a "worst-case scenario" type of person so all I could think about was, what if I get hit, what if I pop a tire, what if my chain falls off, etc, etc. I wanted to do more than 10 miles but I didn't want to do that same loop again so I decided to turn into my neighborhood and ride around on the smaller streets for a while.

It was great. There were almost no cars on those back roads and the area was beautiful. I rode past a small lake, some animals including an adorable pony. I thought I might get lost but I didn't which made me proud of my memory and directional skills. I'll just be happy when I learn a little more about bikes and riding so that I will be more comfortable riding alone.

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Mauricio Sanchez said...

"what if I get hit, what if I pop a tire, what if my chain falls off"

If you ride smart... you will not get hit. If you pop a tire, just fix it. If the chain falls off, just put it back on. Don't let small details get in the way. Have you had your bike checked lately to make sure all's in working order? If you do, you'll ride more secure and eliminate these obstacles. Just let it all hang out! If you're doing a triathlon and the bike goes flat or the chain falls, you'll have to fix it. Might as well get the practice now! Keep smiling!