Sunday, September 28, 2008

Random Thoughts from Today's Run

Today was another long run - 17.37 miles. I have several things I want to mention from today's run so I will try to not sound like a scatterbrain in doing so but I'm not making any promises.
Well the sad part of the run was that Amy hurt her foot a few days ago and even though she tried to run today there was no way she need or was going to be able to make it 17 miles in the state she was in. She reluctantly turned back after I convinced her that I would be okay. I ended up catching up with Pam, John and Louie around mile 6 and finished out the rest of the run with them.

I didn't end up falling asleep until about 2:30 Sunday morning and The Husband came home around 5 in the morning so needless to say, I didn't get much sleep before the run. Surprisingly it was easy for me to wake up and I felt great. I was even dancing in the car on the way to our meeting point. I continued to feel great throughout the run. Running with Pam made me push myself a little more than I may have if I would have been running alone so I was grateful that she was there and let me tag along with her.

On that topic, I must be a great actress. I must appear to look like things are super easy and I'm not struggling because Pam kept saying the same thing that Amy always says, "I don't want to slow you down, you can go ahead if you want." This always amuses me because I actually couldn't go ahead if I wanted because I'm pushing it as is. I must just look like I'm not exerting that much effort but I assure you I am!
Something else that made today's run great are the fact that I have found the greatest running shorts ever!!! You can find these shorts here. What makes them great are several features.

1. The didn't ride up AT ALL during my run (which was over 3 hours so that is saying alot) 2. They have a cotton-like panel that doesn't just cover the crotch area but it goes down both of the inner thighs. I tend to sweat right there so it was nice to have something wicking away that moisture. 3. They have cool pockets attached in the back that were perfect for my Gu. 4. I really like how they make my butt look! I think # 4 reason is the most important but I suggest you try them out especially if you have an issue with your bacon burning when you run (that means your thighs rub together if you're fairly new to this blog).

After we finished our run and Marisa was giving us one of her talks she said something that really made me think. "You need to do what you need to do for your body to be able to do what it needs to do". That really made me think about the things I need to start doing. I need to make sure I do my core work, apply body glide, get the right socks, get the proper amount of rest and eat the right foods. If I do these things then that will allow my body to do what it needs to do - run a great race, without the issues that can be avoided. I just wish I would have taken some of that advice before today's run.....

The shower after my run was downright PAINFUL. Usually this shower is nice and refreshing but not when you are chafed all to hell! The blister on my foot was burning, my arms were burning and my chest was burning. I will make sure to put body glide on all of these areas during my next run and I definitely will be wearing a different sports bra. I've never had my bra chafe me where it did today so hopefully it won't happen again. My arms are a different issue, it doesn't matter what type of shirt I wear - the area close to my underarm ALWAYS rubs after about 10 miles. I guess I won't be wearing any sleeveless shirts for the rest of the year as it looks like someone has been jacking me up by my arm quite frequently.

Okay, I think I'm going to give my body a rest and turn in early (for me) tonight.

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runrgrl2007 said...

Thanks for not talking about your wonderful run! Yeah whatever! I am telling you I am like dead weight....
Thanks for slumming with me friend!