Thursday, September 4, 2008

Punching Bag

OH MY GOODNESS! My body feels like someone has been using it as a punching bag. I can't figure out why my body has begun to feel so sore these past few days. Perhaps it was those hills we did on Tuesday or maybe it is just the accumulation of all of this running and my body is really feeling the effects. I think the pain is affecting my sleep. I read somewhere that exercise can help you sleep better but this definitely is not a benefit that I am receiving! I wake up in pain, my muscles throbbing. I think I just need to get over this hump, get my body in the shape it really needs to be and then it will be easier and less painful. That's what I hope will happen anyway.....

Today's run was a fairly easy hour long run. I was okay with not pushing it too much today since we have a 5 mile run scheduled tomorrow and then a 14-15 mile run on Sunday. I'm going to try to stick with Pam on Sunday so that will definitely be pushing it for me!

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runrgrl2007 said...

Sorry about all the aches and pains! Good luck on Sunday. You will do great. Think about me and miss me, because I will miss you! I guess I will have to try sticking with Pam one Sunday! I might die doing it, but I will try!