Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Guess That Is A Hill

Today was a hill workout day. When Marisa was giving out the workout plan for the evening I said "that's not a hill". I really couldn't picture the hill everyone was referring to in my mind. I still don't think that this so-called hill looked like a hill but it sure felt like a hill when I was sprinting up it. It is funny how from a distance something can look almost flat but once you get up on it then you realize the extent of the incline. Marisa was also nice enough to incorporate some core work into our hill workout today. I complained of course but I really needed it and I need to do more of it. During the 30k my legs felt fine but my back started hurting around mile 10. If my core were stronger then this probably wouldn't be a problem so Amy and I have made a pack to do core work even on our off days.

On another note, I'm sure Amy will be bashing me in a blog sometime soon because for some strange reason she decided to Google my name (I think she's a stalker!) and saw some of my race results from when I was high school. Yeah, I was significantly faster then (I could run a 7:30 pace or better for a 5k) but as I explained....I also weighed 30 lbs less back then and had all that youthful energy. So I'm not pretending to run slow just so you don't feel bad Amy....or am I?????


Kay said...

You know T, I was wondering why you always had that grin on your face....Now I know. You were hiding the truth from us...you are really an undercover speed demon.

runrgrl2007 said...

Oh never fear I slammed you in the blog already.... Yes Kay she is speed demon..... I bet she has horns also....I also don't remember agreeing to core work on days off..... I think you heard Dena say that!