Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pack Mentality

Iron Pill...check. Midol....check. Immodium...check. Alright, so I'm all drugged up and ready to run! Today I THOUGHT we were going to be doing a 14.5 mile run, well it actually turned out to be a 16 mile run. Even though I had only mentally prepared myself for a 14.5 mile run, I made it and it is nice to know that I can do 16 miles with out keeling over. Pam stayed with me up until about mile 15 which was very sweet of her. A good thing too because the cue sheets were wrong (surprise!) so I'm sure I would have been hopelessly loss without her. You would think I (we) would learn to check the cue sheet against the map from now on. Even with the minor detour the run was a nice one and I felt good afterwards.

What was the biggest treat of the morning is that Marisa invited a wonderful yoga instructor, Sage Rountree, to come and do some yoga with us after our run. Check out her website: she has free podcasts demonstrating yoga based stretching routines. Oh yeah, and that really is her real name. It was nice to lay out in the park and do some easy yoga poses that really stretched out our muscles. I don't feel nearly as sore or tight as I usually do a few hours after my run. I think I will have to make sure to incorporate these moves into my post-run routine. Speaking of Marisa, she's doing the Wisconsin Ironman today. As I type she's biking away, if you're interested you can track her here. Her bib number is 1982, so keep her in your thoughts. She's amazing and definitely one of my role models.

An interesting thought/feeling occurred to me around about mile 5 of the run today. At this point there were four of us running on a trail through the woods. We weren't talking so there was only the sound of heavy breathing and footsteps. It felt primal and animalistic (if that's a word), at one point I even felt this tingle of electric energy pass over my body. It was kinda weird but at the same time very satisfying. We were a pack. This made me even more excited about my marathon. Even though I won't know the people I'm running with, we will be a pack, all running after the same prey - the finish line!


Dena said...

YES! That is what I love about our running group--that feeling of being in your own world while simultaneously being in the "pack" mode with those whom you are running. It's like you feed off the energy of others and they in turn pull from you. I am so much happier running in a pack than on my own. Great post.

runrgrl2007 said...

Sounds like a great run! I am proud of you!