Friday, September 5, 2008

I Should be Okay on Sunday

With the scary looking rain clouds looming above me I decided to go ahead and head out for my run. No use in postponing the necessary and besides, maybe I could finish the run before it actually started to rain. NOT!! I get halfway into the run when the rain starts to come. At first I don't mind, I was burning up so it felt nice and plus, it was pretty light. I had been having a great run, I actually was probably running a little too fast but it felt good. I start back and it starts raining harder, it is at this point that I also realize that the run back seems to be mainly uphill. Hmmm didn't quite seem like I was running downhill on the way there. Why is it that the up always seems steeper than the down???? That kills me every time. It is also on the run back that I begin questioning my choice of outfit. My pink running shorts have become transparent and are sticking to me. My white shirt has also become extra clingy and transparent, it didn't help that now the rain has gotten kind of cold. My poor choice in runningware became even more apparent when some guy yelled what I can only imagine was some lewd comment out of his window. Oh, the joys of running outside.

Anywhoo, I'm stoked that I ran a 5 mile run at a 9:30 pace. This just goes to show that I can run relatively fast when I want to. Yeah okay a 9:30 pace isn't "fast" but I usually run around a 10:30 pace so knocking a minute off the pace is good in my book. That being said....I feel better about my chances of being about to hang with Pam on Sunday!

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runrgrl2007 said...

Am I being slammed in that blogged without being mentioned! So you run faster without me... I get it! Well run with Pam from now on, see if I care!