Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Operation No Dairy Update

I'm on day 3 of my quest to eliminate dairy from my diet for the next two weeks. So far it hasn't been that hard other than Monday when we went to the Mexican restaurant for lunch.

I think what makes it easier is that I cook dinner and bring leftovers to work for lunch. I just make sure I don't make anything with dairy in it. This really isn't that big of a deal because other than mac & cheese and lasagna I don't really make things with dairy in them that often. Hmm this would mean no sour cream on taco night though....

I haven't felt any different yet, I'm still feeling the same discomfort I have been having but it is only the beginning of day 3 so I need to give it some time. Although what is my goal? If I DO feel better in two weeks am I going to cut dairy out of my diet for the rest of my life? Probably not. Why oh why can't someone just come up with a medicine (that works) that would help with lactose intolerance???


Paul said...

We will probably be a bad influence on you Saturday with the no dairy thing at lunch! We eat dairy with pretty much every meal.

Dena said...

Keep us updates on this. I'm just starting to try to eliminate dairy as well. No cheese makes me sad. =( Have you read the E2 Diet? Good book.