Friday, July 3, 2009

P90X Day 3, 4 & 5

Clearly my plan to give an update everyday is not on track. Oh well, I'll make an effort to do better but the way these workouts are kicking my butt I don't feel like blogging afterwards. So here's a recap on the past few days.

Day 3 - Shoulders & Arms:
I'm excited about this workout. I really want some of those sexy, muscular arms and I feel like this will help me get there. This was probably the easiest workout thus far but still not easy by any means. Currently I'm using bands in place of the pull-up bar because I can only do half of a pull-up. Not to mention the fact that I almost had a nervous breakdown trying to get my pull-up bar put together (it's still not together by the way). Tank tops here we come!

Day 4 - Yoga:
When I saw that day for was yoga I thought, score, finally a break. Umm NOT! The yoga was ridiculous. First of all it is an hour and a half which is 30 minutes longer than the other workouts. The first 30 minutes where a version of power yoga where we were moving the entire time. I was fine up until about the last 8 minutes, at that point I had to skip out on some of the upward dogs because my arms just couldn't take it anymore. The next 30 minutes was balance poses which wasn't too tiring but it definitely was challenging. The last portion was yoga abs which I'm hoping will help sculpt my abs of steel.

Day 5 - Back and Legs:
I'll just say that my calf seized up and I almost started crying during this workout. I thought I had pretty strong legs but I don't have P90X legs (yet).

General Thoughts:
This has been great so far. Hard but great. I like doing the workouts along with the video because it keeps me going. There is no way I'd complete one of these workouts on my own. I've been doing pretty good on my diet but I still need to lower my carb intake slightly.

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Dena said...

Yea, keep going! I love reading about this.