Tuesday, July 7, 2009

P90X - Day 8 & 9 : Find the Burn

The guy that does the video is always telling you to "find the burn" well I found it all right. My muscles were burning just turning pages in my notebook today. I wonder how long it is going to take for the soreness to go away. Maybe it is going to be this way for the entire 90 days since the workouts switch so often. 

This week is just like last week so yesterday was chest & back and today was plyometrics. I still can barely make it through the plyometrics workout and I really thought I was fit. I've run a marathon and complete a triathlon, geez! Apparently this workout doesn't care because it is kicking my butt anyway.

The good news is that I have lost 2 pounds and reduced my body fat slightly (only 1% but hey it is an improvement). Also I feel great which is extremely motivating. I hope everyone else is doing wonderful as well.


Dena said...

Tamara - are you still doing your regular running and biking or are you devoting all your time to this?

Tam said...

Dena - It's funny that you ask that since I had a conversation with my dad about doing other exercising too.
During the week I'm just devoting my time to this since it takes about an hour and a half each day. If I were a morning person I'd consider doing some running in the morning but alas, I am not. On the weekends I'm still going to do some running and riding. I have some extra fat I want to burn so I'd like to get more cardio in than the workout provides.