Friday, June 5, 2009

P90X Question

Has anyone tried the P90X series? From what I can tell it has been out for a while so it isn't something new that people are doing. I've read a few reviews and like reviews for anything of this nature people either like it or love it. It is clearly not for beginners but I took the "fitness test" that they recommend before purchase and I passed (with flying colors). 

I am enjoying cycling and running, the swimming not so much but it is getting better. I still want to do triathlons but I feel like I'm not seeing the changes body-wise that I am looking for. A few people that I've talked to that actually did the program said that it was "life changing" for them and that they finally saw the results they had been trying to get for a long time.

What do you all think about the program?? I do have my 10 year high-school reunion coming up soon....


Paul said...

Is there anyone that wouldn't pass the fitness test? They are after all trying to sell something :) . I wouldn't worry if you are in shape enough to do it, you know you are there. I would look more at if it something you would do and stick with or not.

Mauricio Sanchez said...

I had never heard of the P90X workout until I read your post. What I can tell you, however is that if you are improving on your swim and are enjoying the bike and run, you should just jump in and sign up for a sprint tri! That's what I did last year and now with three under my belt I'm training for the Ironman 70.3 Augusta! The swim still worried the living daylight out of me but I'm working on this!