Sunday, January 3, 2010

Starting off the Year Caveman Style

You may recall one of my posts last year where I talked about the book The Primal Blueprint and how I said I planned to incorporate those principles into my lifestyle. The main change is in my dietary habits. The elimination of grains and most processed foods. Sounds easy when you put it like that but when you think of how many delicious things are actually made from grains then it becomes a little more difficult.

Well today I've made the switch. Today I didn't eat any grains and my world didn't come crashing down. Of course that's just one day...we'll see how I feel after an entire week. I've made my meal plan for the week and I'm confident that I can stick to it. I will have to make sure I get up a little bit earlier since I'll be making breakfast in the morning. Nothing complex but I can't do like I just usually do and run out of the door and eat oatmeal when I get to work.

I'm not going to type out my entire meal plan for the week but I'll give you an idea of what I'll be having.

Breakfast: Protein Shake or Omelet with veggies
Lunch: Big Salad with chicken and homemade dressing
Dinner: Variety of meats combined with veggies
Snacks: Dried fruit, nuts, fresh fruit

Tonight I made some homemade ginger dressing. It was pretty tasty but not GREAT, I'm going to try to tweak the mixture a little bit before I post the recipe.

I think that I'll be satisfied with this plan. I'm not going to be so super strict that I don't enjoy myself if I go out to eat or if someone invites me over for dinner but I will try to stick to this at least 80% of the time.

I'll be sure to let you know how it goes and if I feel a difference. And of course I'll let you know WHEN I start to lose some weight ;-)


Pinky said...

Your blog in interesting. My goal is to complete 3 marathons in the year and lose 30 pounds. How is the no grain diet working? Is that a gluten free thing?

Tam said...

@Pinky: Wow 3 marathons in one year, that is a big undertaking. I wish you the best in your goals.

Not eating grains is going very well, I don't even miss them and I've been feeling very satisifed food-wise. The full description of the plan can be found at the website is very informative.