Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Mission Accomplished???

The end of the year is every year, I've been going over the past year and determining if I met my goals for the year. So how did I do?

These were my goals for the last year:
*Complete a triathlon
*Complete 2nd marathon (still deciding which one this will be but I'm leaning towards Chicago)
*Improve eating habits (I do have a specific plan for this particular goal which I will share soon)
*Create a 3 year personal/career development plan and begin implementation of the plan

Well I didn't complete all of these goals but I'm still satisfied with the past year.
I completed a triathlon and had a lot of fun doing so. I decided not to run another marathon because I was feeling burnt out and my heart just wasn't in it. My eating habits were just so-so, I definitely could have done better in that respect. I created my personal/career development plan and I have begun implementation of that plan. I received a promotion a few months ago and that was the first step in my plan, I feel I'm well on my way career-wise.

I'm still trying to finalize what my theme for next year will be. Last year I stopped doing resolutions and decided to instead have a theme for the year and to list a few specific goals associated with that theme. I'll figure it out by tomorrow and post my decision either tomorrow or on the 1st.


Bob Caravona said...

Happy New Year! A theme for the year? I like it better than resolutions. Mine is easy -- more fun!

Tam said...

Happy New Year to you too Bob!
More fun sounds like a great theme for the year, enjoy it. :-)