Friday, October 9, 2009

Planning Makes Perfect

I'm the planner queen. I make life plans, meal plans, exercise plans, shopping plans, all types of plans. I have calendars, electronic planners, notebook planners, hand-held planners. I make to-do lists, to-go lists, to-buy lists, to-see lists. I set time limits, price limits, all types of limits.

Where does that get me? Sometimes it gets me far and I follow my plan and achieve my goal. More often it just leaves me with a well-written PLAN. Excessive planning makes you a perfect planner but it doesn't make you a perfect executor. A great plan is just a nice set of words if you don't actually put that plan into action. The action portion is where I sometimes get hung up. I have some excellent plans in my folder of plans that I've never actually started. I haven't figured out what makes me see certain plans through while others stay trapped on a sheet of paper.

I saw this funny episode on South Park where they were making fun of how girls are always making lists. I found this hilarious because I've always made lists, I probably make at least one list a day. I never thought of list-making as being a female thing but maybe it is.

My point is this, I will never stop creating my "perfect" plans but I am going to spend more time implementing the plans I've created. Hmm...perhaps I should go create a plan on how I'm going to implement my plans....LOL, just kidding!


The Running Bob said...

As an Urban Planner, you're speaking my language!

runrgrl2007 said...

Make a plan to meet your running friends sometime soon! We all say every Thursday has anyone heard from Tamara!

Kelvin S. Mangundayao said...

Planning makes perfect? But nobody's perfect? haha,just kidding. yeah, though nobody's perfect, it will somehow leads to perfection. I don't actually plan tomorrow co'z i personally believe that one can't plan everything for all were already destined to happen. Anyhow, I enjoyed the read. Have a good day!!!:D