Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Water, Water and more Water

Okay I was supposed to give you an update on how the water only challenge is going. I've done very well. I've only slipped up twice. Once was when the husband made some cookies (which I didn't need to eat in the first place); I always have milk with my cookies so I poured a small glass and as I was taking the last gulp I realized..."Oh shoot, I just drank something that wasn't water." The other time was a little more deliberate. It was one of my friend's birthday so I had an alcoholic drink with her. It was a vodka and tonic which is practically the same thing as water. Not really but at least it wasn't something super fancy. I haven't really missed drinking things other than water. The only time I get a craving is when I get cold at work and wish that I could have some hot tea to warm me up. I considered drinking some hot water but that just seemed like it would be nasty.

Speaking of hot. I went for another round of hot yoga yesterday. Today I'm a little more sore than expected, mainly in my hamstrings. I guess I don't strech them as often as I should. We'll see how the next sessions feel.

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