Monday, February 22, 2010

Ski Trip 2010

The last time I went skiing I was 13 years old. When I think back on that ski trip all I remember was how much fun I had. I didn't remember it being particularly difficult or that I fell too many times. Well that was about 15 years ago.....

This past weekend I went on a weekend ski trip to Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia. It was the perfect weekend for skiing. It had snowed a few days earlier and the sun was shining so the snow was nice and powdery and it wasn't terribly cold. Since it had been so long since the last time I'd been skiing I decided to take a 2 hour lesson before hitting the slopes. I'm glad I did! While I picked it back up fairly quickly it was very helpful to learn some new tips. I was mainly familiar with doing to "the wedge" in order to stop but during my lessons I learned how to do the "hockey stop" which is more effective and it just looks cooler. The ski instructor made fun of me because at first I definitely wasn't getting it and he said I was doing the hockey FLOP and not the hockey stop.

I was smart enough to stay on the green (easy) slopes because I wasn't trying to come home with any broken bones. As it was, I fell about 10 times and I'm definitely suffering from that today. My body is SORE. I didn't realize how much of a workout skiing is. Your legs get a heck of a workout trying to control yourself going down the hill. When you're trying to stop yourself from going too fast you get even more of a workout. The crazy part was how sore my arms were. I didn't even think about my arms being involved but when you get to the flat parts and you need to keep moving that is allll arms.

All in all, I really enjoyed myself and I definitely would like to make this at least a yearly thing. Skiing isn't exactly cheap so unless I get a raise I don't think I'll be doing it much more often than that.

Have you ever skied? If so, what's your favorite ski resort?

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Sarah said...

I have never tried it! And...I live close to a few different slopes. I told my husband that next winter I am going to take my 6 year old, who wants to learn too, and we are going to go for the day and give it a try.